my story: saving and inspiring lives


In addition to being a photographer, wife, and mother, I'm an ER physician and a medical consultant on NBC's "The Night Shift".  One might say I'm a Jill of all trades aspiring to be an ace of it all.  


What really moves me though is photography. I started out doing travel and wildlife with my husband.  On our honeymoon, we once waited four hours in a canoe for a jaguar to wake up and move his head.  Now, as a mom of two very busy boys I can't imagine doing such a thing nor would I want to.  Through parenthood, a different type of wildlife photography has evolved.  Every day is a new adventure with a new story to be told.  And that's where the idea for Ev & Ro Photography blossomed.  


Capturing the spirit of the moment, whether it's one of joy or the middle of a tantrum is my passion.  Imperfection is perfect.  It's real, it's art and it's all part of the story.  

And I want to tell your story with you.



my inspiration: Ev & Ro

Everett and Rowan are my two boys who inspire me to photograph their stories every day. They are my favorite subjects, my muses, my everything.  They are avid readers and I love transforming their stories into books for them.  My latest one is entitled "The Caterpillar Chronicles". You can check out the inspiration for the book on my blog.