1,001 reasons to celebrate

My second Instagram feature was chosen for @pixel_kids by Meg Loeks who is my absolute favorite artist. Her online course "Finding the Classic Beauty in your Everyday" has really shaped who I am as a photographer and her Instagram feed @meg_nlo inspires me every day.  I can't even describe how thrilled I was and still am that she gave a nod to my art.

In this photo the boys and I were making gingerbread at the crack of dawn.  The sun just started pouring through our kitchen window when I snapped this pic.  They love helping me bake.  And just like me, whenever they're in the kitchen there is soon to be a huge mess :)

As an added bonus, this photo was also featured by @kindredmemories a few days later.  I will be forever grateful to @janelpeyton of @kindredmemories for my first feature.  

I am also so proud to